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Goldsmith Jewelers
2203 Crystal Spring Avenue
Roanoke, VA 24014

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GOLDSMITH JEWELRY DESIGN GALLERY is the place to be for personal, individualized attention.

With a true "salon" atmosphere there are no high pressure sales people, only true craftsmen, designers, and jewelry technicians.

For over thirty-four years, Master Craftsman Steve Black has been creating "One-of-a-Kind" pieces for the discerning client.

Utilizing State-of-the-Art technology, Goldsmith's designers will assist you from concept to reality, with the "Digital Goldsmith"(tm), a computer generated system that combines the latest in digital photography with cyber graphics, to create tomorrow's heirloom, today.

Visit our VIRTUAL BOUTIQUES and see a vast array of designs in jewelry. Then envision your gemstones set to create that personal piece. Or if you prefer, GOLDSMITH's can supply the gemstones to compliment that perfect piece, from their extensive inventory of Gemstones and Diamonds.

Color is a passion at GOLDSMITH JEWELRY DESIGN GALLERY. From the blues, greens, yellows, and cognacs of fancy color diamonds, to the incredible uniqueness of opal, in a never ending array of colors and patterns. Visit the "Cody Opal" Virtual Boutique on this site to experience the endless variety of this unique gemstone.

As an Independent Jewelers Organization "MASTER JEWELER", Goldsmith Jewelry Design Gallery utilizes the buying strength of nine hundred jewelers worldwide, assuring you of the lowest possible prices on both in-stock pieces, as well as individually tailored custom jewelry.

From a simple cleaning and inspection, to the most extensive restoration of your treasured heirlooms, our technicians always treat each piece with the care and expertise your fine jewelry deserves.

As a "Jewelry Judge" Appraisal location, GOLDSMITH JEWELRY DESIGN GALLERY prepares appraisals for insurance purposes in a fast, fair, and accurate manner, using the resources and expertise of many years in the jewelry industry, combined with the latest technology, to ensure accurate valuations.

We hope your visit to our site will prove to be valuable in choosing "YOUR PERSONAL JEWELER". Your feedback is most welcome and encouraged.

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